The Kale Project

My American friend Kristen is currently living in Paris with her hubby.  I stay in touch with Kristen through her blog about life in Paris and over time I learned about her love of kale, that wonderful leafy green that has a chock full of vitamins K and C, lutein and calcium.  It's 'good for physical' as my Taiwanese mom loves to say.  Anyway, from time to time I would send Kristen stories I'd spot on kale or even a recipe or two. Then one day I saw that she was embarking on creating a movement to bring kale to Paris.  Currently it's not grown there so Kristen is setting out to change that.  The Kale Project was soon born and she asked if I would be interested in an interview and sharing a recipe.   I happily obliged and the following is the recipe post and interview.

Thanks Kristen for including Fairpine Lane Foods!